‘An end to fading hair colour?’


There are many factors at play when it comes to the speed at which your hair colour can fade. Some shades, like the silver or pastel fashion shades fade super quickly (sadly there’s no such thing as a permanent pastel) and even true permanent colours in natural shades are still subject to dulling over time.
Sun exposure, heat styling and even regular washing can all speed up the rate at which your hair colour will fade. Traditionally our best tools were sulphate free, colour protecting shampoos and conditioners and little tips like washing hair in cooler water and turning down the heat on the tongs. More recently the revolution of, ‘molecular hair restructurer’ Olaplex has meant a dramatic improvement in the quality of the hair (if you haven’t already tried it you are seriously missing out!) which also helps to slow down colour fade.

So, what’s new?

Last year we made our best discovery yet when it comes to combatting the fade!
These little bottles contain a conditioning base (with either repairing or volumising options available) into which we, your colourists, can add pigments designed to match or enhance your hair colour. This is totally bespoke to you, no two mixes are the same, we have over 27,000 shade options!
In simple terms, whether you’re a blonde with an aversion to yellow (or fancy a wash of temporary pink or peach) or a brunette that wants to stay lusciously rich or cool and ashy we have something to help! Even the silver and lavender shades that are flooding the catwalks can be perfectly maintained.
Ask our team in the salon for your perfect match!
Retails from £35 and designed to be used anything from every wash to once a week depending on the recommendation of your colourist.